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Who We Are

Bernie adoptable dog

At Paws and Prayers, a dedicated force of volunteers drive our goal of saving as many animal lives as we possibly can.

Founded in 2001, Paws and Prayers blossomed from the notion that all cast-off animals deserve only the best lives as loved, indoor pets. With a higher power’s guiding hand and unending prayers, the rescuers that formed Paws and Prayers sought to rescue, rehabilitate and re-home forgotten, neglected, or otherwise left-behind pets. One of the first of its kind, Paws and Prayers rescuers formed a foster-based rescue system in which every saved pet was cared for in the loving homes of the organization’s volunteers until the perfect adoptive home is found. In its inaugural year, Paws and Prayers saved the lives of 200 dogs and cats. Paws and Prayers’ ever-growing base of volunteers and foster homes proudly saves hundreds of pets each year!

Today, these dedicated volunteers share a vision and mission that is carried close to our rescuers’ hearts.


Paws and Prayers, Inc.’s mission is: To help dogs and cats in need through spay/neuter, fostering, sheltering, education, adoption, and community support.


Paws and Prayers, Inc. has a vision to restore the confidence of every displaced pet by ensuring they have good homes for their lifetimes and for our communities to share in our belief that every animal should be treated with love and respect.

Core Values

Passion. Every Paws and Prayers volunteer is charged with the responsibility to care for and respect the animals within our community, including those in our immediate care. Paws and Prayers cares deeply and passionately for all animals, small, large, young and old. We recognize that often times, the animals that cross our paths cannot tell us their own story and so we must advocate for their needs and restore their faith in humans.

Education. Just as we speak for every individual animal, Paws and Prayers strives to address animal welfare as a whole and to bring awareness to our communities about by not only practicing, but advocating for routine veterinary care, positive training techniques, and for spaying/neutering pets. By practicing these habits and educating the public, we hope to establish a standard of care for pets in our community.

Tomorrow. For too many pets, “tomorrow” is a day to be fearful of. Displacement, abuse, and neglect are the stories of too many pets that cross our paths. At Paws and Prayers, we firmly believe in making tomorrow something to look forward to! We believe in helping each pet that comes through our hands to build confidence, trust and a love for life that they may not have had.